The Concept Of Asteya

Asteya is a Sanskrit word for non-stealing. The practice of asteya demands that one must not steal, nor have the intent to steal another’s property through action, speech and thoughts.

Many times we’ve been told by our parents, teachers and elders not to have the intention to steal someone else’s property whether tangible or intangible.

Mother Nature has gifted us our abundance. If we realize the significance of contentment, we’ll feel grateful for what we have. We’ll work to get what we don’t have. The object that we need, whether tangible or intangible, will come to us if we truly deserve that.

It’s a law of nature. The Universe fulfills our desire but it need time, means perseverance from our side. We have to develop the skill of patience to get the object of our desire.

We need to align our thoughts and feelings with the Universal frequency of that object or property and we’ll get that. When we get the object of our desire naturally through our efforts, it gives us satisfaction but the stolen thing can’t give us any kind of contentment and peace. It can give us only pleasure that in the future will turn into pain.

Sooner or later you’ve to pay the price of the stolen object both materially and spiritually.

Practice Asteya. It’s one of the highest virtues of a human being. You’ll feel proud of yourself, forever.



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