The Dark Side

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

— Master Yoda

No one wants to suffer but our programming is such that every day we run away from love. There are misconceptions everywhere and every time because of that we have a fear of love. We love someone but are afraid to admit that. We know that we’re right but we don’t want to appear wrong in the eyes of others.

Who are these others?

Even in our dreams, we’re scared up to death. They preach to us a language whose vocabulary is of fear without realizing that, devoid of love, a person is nothing more than a heartless stone.

How can someone be so selfish that he/she sacrifices his/her loved one established on a pre-assumption that a lover is bad for our health?

There comes a stage in the life of a person when he/she has a clear standpoint about love. They know the truth of love but because of fear, they sacrifice their love in name of culture, creed, and religion.

There is so much talk everywhere about peace, perfection, and satisfaction but without love, one can’t achieve any of them. A successful life can’t be built on fear.

Fear and love are opposites. They can’t exist together. We must have to choose one of them. In my experience, whenever I followed the path of love, I landed in a world of paradise, and with fear, always I entered the world called hell.

Any act that is based on fear is an act of self-destruction. It can’t give you anything except suffering. Please stay away from the world of the dark side. It feeds on fear. You can’t realize the truth of love until and unless you say goodbye to the fear in you.

Move one inch farther away from where you’re…

…You’ll understand what I want to say

It’s within you…

…The light of love

Don’t let her go…

…She is your life

Without her, you’ll become a living dead…

…I can’t see you in that position.




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