The Eternal Romance With God

The Ultimate Affair A Person Can Have Is With Her Self…

…Next Is God.

Rest Is Eternal Romance…

One Day Somewhere…

I Was Alone 

And God Proposed Me

I Said…


She Said…

Call Me. When You’re Ready.


It Needs Courage To Accept The Proposal Of God

She Is Too Hard To Handle.

To Accept The Proposal Of God 

Is Like A Ticket To An Eternal Honeymoon

There Is No Return

One Night In The Light Of Moon

I Was Al Alone

The God Came And Said…

My Baby.

You Started Again To Use Your Brain

One Afternoon In The Day Light

I Was Sad

She Came And Said…

Sweet Heart. 

Where Is Your Heart?

The Day I Started Love-Affair With God

I Forgot All Worldly-Affairs

The Word Came To Me And Said…

Let’s Do It.

God Is Kindle

I’m The Reader

She is The Leader

I’m The Follower

Actually. I Don’t Follow Anyone

But To Be True To You

She Is So Sexily

That I Became A Blind Follower


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