The Holistic Health

A tired body and an angry mind…

The characteristics of a person who has lost its Being. 
Holistic Health comes from an understanding that you are the master of your body and mind, not the vice versa.

Whether you want to be muscular, fat, skinny or slim… 

That’s your choice. 

It varies from person to person.

But what truly matters is the ‘Healthy Body’ that contains a ‘Beautiful Mind’.

Just a little attention to the Inner Self to navigate the pain of the body and a little care to nourish its little demands.

A balance of proper exercise, abundant rest and healthy diet… 

That’s all it needs to keep the body fit and ready to fight or flight.

A little of meditation, investing a couple of minutes with nature, spending quality time with those whom you love the most and just witnessing the reality of useless wandering monkey mind to disappear it into nowhere… 

That’s sufficient to install a beautiful mind in a freshly prepared healthy body.

Now, with this understanding.

You’re ready to ask yourself some of the most important questions of your life that can vary from intellectual debate to ethical issues and political warfare to aesthetic discussions.
You can do what you like based on your cultural upbringing and self-culture. 

But that’s secondary.

What’s actually important is to have a body-mind complex that is healthy not only in conventional terms of not having any disease but in the actual domain …

Free from “dis-ease”.


That is the  “Holistic Health” worth chasing.

Whether you appreciate external charm or internal elegance…

That’s personal.

But if you deprive your body and mind of optimum well-being…

You’re destroying itsglory day by day to reduce it into a creature much less than the Evolved Conscious Race of Homo Sapiens who can’t even care of his body and mind let alone to grow further to reach the heights of Being Conscious of its Essence.

Holistic Health is the first step towards the journey of Complete Well Being and it’s muso experience of the Realities of both the Inner Self and the External World.
So the next time when you are going to skip ‘Health’ from your almighty goals of success…

Remember this quote:

“Yeah. I need wealth but not at the cost of my Health. It’s a treasure that’s priceless antispam and I am not that much a fool that I close this tool for some pieces of paper that anyway are going to turn into vapour.”

Wish you a Healthy Life

Suggestive Reading: Atomic Habits By James Clear




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