The Kidz of Next Generation: A for Apple

Do You Remember…

The first time when your primary teacher taught you ‘A for Apple’?

When you came home, your parents and grandparents also taught you ‘A for Apple’

And now what you are teaching your kids?

‘A for Apple’…?


All over the world whatever be their native language and teaching methodology, the primary structure of the education system is ‘almost the same’. It teaches ‘A for Apple’.

Have You Ever Wondered…

What’s special in this ‘A for Apple’ that no one wants to leave it?

Kids can also be taught A for AstronautA for Application, and A for Action.


If you think your kids are not that smart Yet. 

They can’t understand.

More than ‘A for Apple‘.

You’re befooling…

No one else, but Yourself.

They are ‘smarter and faster‘ than you when you were a kid of their age and they will be more ‘efficient and productive‘ than you if you give a little time to guide them properly.

Yeah, You’re Busy! 

You don’t have time for them, and you left them at the mercy of a broken schooling system running on the theories and models of the nineteenth century.

Wake up, my Dear!

It’s The Twenty-First Century.

It changes as fast as the blink of an eye. And your kids belong to the next generationnot yours

They know much more about digital gadgets and running apps than you know how to make a presentation.

They catch much fastly the tech language

Evolution Has Given Them…

A boon of infinite Learning.


Also the bane of cheap sources of Entertainment.

They Don’t Need Anything…

That you craved in your childhood. They have an abundance of it.

All They Need…

Is your ‘proper guidance’.

Without it.

They will get ‘lost in the web’.

And, my Dear.

“It’s Infinite. There is no Escape from It.”

Understand Your Kids

Guide them, inspire them, tell them more and more about existence, human values, desires and fears, inevitable problems of life and how to overcome them with an ‘absolute peace of mind’

Show Them…

How To Use The World Wide Web Creatively For Their Growth And Wisdom.

There is nothing wrong in teaching that you learned…‘A for Apple’.


What’s wrong in teaching Them…


The Journey of Apple, that fell on the head of a boy of 23-year-old in the seventeenth century to the Apple that inspired a 21-year-old college dropout to create Mac in the twentieth century.


Still, If you want to stick to teach Them…

‘A for Apple’.At least tell Them.What Is the Benefit of?.

‘Learning A For Apple’ And ‘Eating A For Apple’.

Think about the Future of these Little Angels…

They are not your neighbor’s children that you can let them wander here and there.

They are Your own Loving kids. 

There is a difference between the two.

Give them What they Need not What they Want. 

They Need Your Attention. They Need Your Time. They Need Your Love. They Need Your Presence.

Immediate Presence. 

Right Now. Here. At This Moment.

Thank You.

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