The Killer Apps

Apart From Academics…

In the 21st century, most of the babies of Homo Sapiens read only one book I.e. ‘FaceBook’.

A lot of students cram the theory so that they can somehow manage to pass the exam and after that, they can post some of the cool pics of holidays on ‘Instagram’.

Instead of listening to the chit-chat-chatter of birds in their ‘natural’ sound most of the ‘environment-conscious people’ are busy in retweeting on artificial ‘Twitter’.

Many of the college-drop-out young entrepreneurs are spending much of their time in satisfying the curiosity of their juniors by writing on ‘Quora’.

Few are busy in predicting the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum with exclusive contents to spread the revolution of Blockchain Technology. 

Everyone is busy in doing one thing or another. 

Now The Question Is What You’re Doing?

Playing video-games, entertaining yourself on Netflix, sharing interests on Vimeo, spreading awareness on WhatsApp, testing new features of Telegram, editing selfies to post on Instagram, or watching “…….”?

Don’t feel regret.

We are talking about inspirational videos on YouTube.

Doesn’t matter what you do, the most important thing is, whether you are ‘aware’ of, what you are doing, or not?

Are you taking enough care of your eyes that are constantly fixed on the smartphone screen?

They are not as much evolved as the technology you’re using that they can tolerate such an unbearable strain.



The most precious commodity that you have is passing as Fast as a Swift.

...Don’t Take It Wrong

Nothing Is Bad…

…If it’s in moderation, but once we exceed the threshold, it becomes an addiction. 


Addiction Makes Us A ‘Slave’ Not A ‘Master’ No Matter Of What It Is.

  1. The sophisticated technology of the 21st century is a product of millions of years of evolution and the beautiful child of great inventors who gave birth to it, raised it to the heights of its pinnacle by investing not only their precious time but also sacrificing personal love and life.
  2. Don’t let their ‘love and sacrifice’ to ruin your life. They crafted these tools beautifully for your better future, not to make you an addict, or to entertain you all day and night. Please invest your time in these resources smartly to cultivate something productive inside you.
  3. Don’t become a slave of these killer apps, use them as a Master and treat them as a Servant in the service of learning, growth and enhancing your productivity.
  4. Time is precious, use the technology of 21st century to sharpen your intellect, entertain your curiosity, creating something new and helping those whom you love the most. 
  5. Become a ‘Master Of Technology’ to use it for your benefit and the welfare of humanity, not a ‘Slave Of Technology’ by falling in addiction with it to lose your Self and your Integrity in the service of instant gratification of the senses.

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