The Love Story

I heard a soft voice…

Can we exchange our seats?

It becomes impossible to deny the request of a pretty girl who is asking for nothing but a window seat. I could’ve given my heart to her if she would’ve asked with that sexy voice.

I was traveling.

What the coincidence?

She was boarding the same train and same coach with the seat beside me.

I felt grateful to God that today I don’t have to bear the pain of listening the sermon on the deterioration of society and how to prevent that from a teacher or some exaggerated warfare story of a professor as happened last time.

I was thinking about how to break the ice…

Suddenly I heard a voice that increased my heartbeat by 50 per cent.

You’re a writer. Right?

Wrong. I write for fun occasionally. I replied with modesty.

What you do for a living? She fired the next question.

I hate that when someone asks me about my profession but I told her the truth…

I’m a trader.

That’s cool. What segments you trade with?


Why not crypto or forex?

I thought about some romantic conversation and here she was storming questions that I hate to answer.

I’m comfortable with the equity market and I think I’m doing well in that.

You’re living in a comfort zone. By the way, I work for a financial firm that provides research-based trading tips to its clients. My work is to convince potential clients that they can make more with our trading tips.

Sorry, mam. You’re in conversation with the wrong person. In no way, you can convince me to have a business with you. I replied with confidence.

I know that you believe in your analysis and now you’re thinking that I’m a fraud.

Yes Miss… I mean, No…

Call me Amrita. You’re right in your thought but partially.


Now our conversation was becoming more interesting.

My work there is to do the work for that I am paid for. It’s my profession. I get paid for my conversation skills. She said softly.

But that’s wrong. You know that no one can make money in the market based on tips and calls. I tried to prove my point but she was faster than me.

You know, 95 per cent of people fail in this industry that you call trading and my boss knows that in the long run he together with our research team can’t make enough money to feed a family of two, let alone earn millions. So, we sell our research and play with fool’s money. What’s wrong with that, we’re running a professional business.

I thought that she’s brainwashed and I can’t prove my point. It’s hard to win a conversation with a girl given she’s damn beautiful with a sexy voice.

To make no conversation further, I said…

Maybe, you’re right but I’m useless for you.

No. You’re right. She shocked me again.

You have a genuine love for what you do and I think I don’t enjoy my job. That’s why I left that job a month ago and now I’m teaching people to get rid of this trap of tips and calls but I think it’s tougher to convince the truth than to fake the reality.

Now, what you do for a living?

I’m learning how to trade by reading…

A Beginner’s Guide To Day Trading Online By Toni Turner

Can you please suggest me a book that can enlighten me on the subject of trading psychology?

Trading In The Zone By Mark Douglas. I answered politely.

We became good friends after that. I can’t say that she’s my girlfriend but she loves me a lot along with what I do all day long. She’s available to me anytime for guidance, and if I make a mistake, she helps me to get out of the trap of self-criticism and self-sabotage.

My trading has improved a lot since the day she met me. I think she is an angel whom beloved God sent me from heaven to help me.

By the way, she thinks the same for me.

Don’t you think it’s a love story?

Of course not. It was about trading.




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  • Mrinal Pandey

    It becomes impossible to deny the request of a pretty girl who is asking for nothing but a window seat. I could’ve given my heart to her if she would’ve asked with that sexy voice.

    I loved ❤️ this line.

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