The Mumbo Jumbo of Spirituality

Not far from the West coast near the southern central market there is a group of locals who have set a shop to sell some kind of spiritual non-sense to attract the foreigners who wanted to be Enlightened.

There was a sanctuary near the shop for Western women who were interested in awakening their kundalini as fast as they can and for the men who wanted to activate their chakras as soon as possible.

A young charming journalism student in her early twenties was not much interested in following the rituals of the sanctuary but curious to know about the process of initiations.

And the whole drama came out to limelight, thanks to her curiosity.

Particularly in the Western countries where there is a surplus of food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter to live, and there are enough luxuries of which they have got bored with life. So, they take refuge to the ‘spiritual shops’ in the hope of getting some ‘Tantra, Mantra or Yoga’ to Enlighten themselves so that their upcoming grandchildren can be proud of them.

On the other hand, there were a lot of people in the East who took refuge from their families earlier than these foreign westerners under the influence of their ancient teaching ‘World is an illusion’.

These too excited babies later found out that it is not as the way they have read and been told about.

They realized that…

World is an Illusion but Money is Real.

What a great liberation?

So, they set up small shops to propose an offer you can’t refuse.

This is truly called the merging of two worlds East and West.
So now, the World is an illusion, Money is Real and it’s all a Global Business.

What a great liberation…

But during the exchange both forgot something.

Wisdom of the East from the words of Light of Asia, the most exalted one himself “Craving is the Root Cause of Suffering”.
And the Self-Enquiry of the West, the Ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” inscribed in the pronaos of the Temple at Delphi.

Why you’re so serious?

Are you in search of Money or seeking Enlightenment or you are confused which one is better to find? 


You’re thinking about both?

Consult to your financial advisor and the spiritual guru both on the same table.

And if you’re too young and can’t afford them, ask your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiancé or the family.

What about asking the neighbors?

It’s too complicated. Then,

Leave it for some day later.

Now back to the story, the shop owners are still convinced that…

The girl is charming but she has not conquered her ego yet and she is too young to understand the mumbo jumbo of spirituality.

What you think?




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