The Origin

You Came To My Life

As An Angel

Transformed Me With Your Grace

And Went Away 

Before I Could Realize You

In Your Intoxicated Eyes

I Witnessed The Calmness Of Moon

And The Still Innocence

Of A Little Child Shaded By 

The Glamour Of Show-off And Melodrama

You Were Like A Baby 

Curious To Know Everything

But Alas!

Before You Could Feel Me

I Went Thousand Of Miles Away From You

I Tried To Ignore You

And It Felt Like

I’m Ignoring My Own Self

I Tried To Hate You

And It Felt Like

I’m Hating Myself

Then I Surrendered

Myself To You

By Giving Access

To Your Image

Your Voice

You Non-Sense Outer Melodrama

But Cute And Innocent Inner-Self 

Both In My Wandering Mind And Fragile Heart

It Was An Experiment For Me

And It Turned Out To Be 

The Most Beautiful

Experiments Of My Life

It Gave Me Both 

Love And Life

It Was Not A Love Affair

It Was Something More Than That

I Thought It’s An Infatuation

That Will Lose Its Intensity

In Few Days

But Look At The Flirt Of Life

Days Changed To Months

Months Changed To Years

And Still I Remember You


I Don’t Know

Maybe You Are Too Good To Forget

Or Maybe

You Became Part Of My Feelings

Whatever It Is

You Inspire Me More Than Enough

Years Have Passed 

For You I’m Not What I Was

But You Are Same For Me

A Curious Little Child

 With A Cute Smile

A Little Shy Girl

Pretending To Be Bold

It Was Not An Affair

It Was A Friendship

A Friendship Of Inspiration

Of Understanding

Love, Life, and Existence

Beyond Words of The World

To Realize The Games of Love

And Matters of Heart

To Feel Why Our Hearts Beat

And Why Our Breath Moves

To Know Why Sometimes

The Moon Looks So Pretty

And Why I Wait Patiently

For The Arrival Of Full Moon

Do You Know

I Can’t Ignore You

I Can’t Hate You

Simply Because

 I Can’t Ignore Myself

I Can’t Hate Myself

To Ignore You Is To Ignore My Self

To Hate You Is To Hate My Self

And How Can A Person Hate His Own Self

When In Reality He Knows

There Is Nothing To Ignore

There Is Nothing To Hate

It’s All About Love And Only Love

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