The Power Of Thought

We shape our reality through words that we affirm and the pictures that we visualise. Our reality is a characteristic of what we think and see with our mental eyes.

Many times because of the distortion of sensibility we experience the world around us as a big bad picture where everything is wrong.

I don’t have money to survive and it’s impossible to make money.

I’m a loser. I don’t have any talent. I’m not good enough.

Neither I can run a business nor I can do a job.

I’m jobless, homeless, senseless.

Life on Earth is a struggle and I can’t combat the world. I can’t win the game.

I’ve no survival chances. I must quit the game called life.

These are the thoughts that a depressed mind thinks of all the time. There is an element of negativity everywhere.

What you think?

Can you achieve anything with these thoughts?

We know the answer but we wait for someone to come & enlighten us with her ideas. We believe that others are smarter, faster & better than us.

Who we are?


But fucking peasants deprived of our territory.

What we can do?


But to witness and comment on what’s right & wrong in society.

I hate this mentality that ruins the lives of others including their own.

Who are these people?

You & I…

Unable to witness the beauty and magnificence of Mother Nature.

With our narrow mindset, we create a story of struggle and poverty.

The real struggle & poverty is not somewhere outside in world but inside our skulls.

The collection of dirty words & images…

The lack & limitation, frustration, criticism and abuse.

Dear, what you’re doing?

Why you’re polluting your mind with negative thoughts & pictures. Your mind is your home. Make it neat & clean. Wipeout all the smoke & dirt of shame & guilt. You’re here to create a unique story.

You’re an artist. You’re here to reproduce the thoughts of love & wisdom, not hatred & cruelty.

You’re a genius. You can produce a masterpiece of art. Don’t deprive us of your contribution. Share with us what you’ve got…

The Story In Your Psyche- The Love Story.



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