How To Take The Right Decision?

Often we face contradictions in our life. The left brain says, this one is right and the right brain says, that is right.

Often we get caught in a tug of war. The logical brain calculates the probability of our actions, whether it’s rational or not, and the emotional brain derives a biased answer originating from our feelings.

This fight creates unnecessary turmoil in our lives. We are left with no answer. Everything feels like the next end.

So, what to do?

I mean how we can make the decision?

To be true to you…

…I don’t know

I can share with you only that I know…

I.e. an action based on feelings. You may say that I act foolish while making decisions but that’s the way I walk on the path of life.

I choose to act on feelings and emotions rather than acting on mathematical calculations and that works pretty well for me.

But that’s not what I suggest to you.

First, you’ve to understand the context of social systems and the contradictions it places on your brain and heart.

Second, you’ve to examine your mind thoroughly, the biases and the prejudices that you’ve.

After analyzing these two thought processes….

….You can take decisions based on feelings and emotions.

Do you know…

Why we sapiens are special?

It’s not the brain but the heart. We have a heart that beats faster than the tick of the clock. It gives us a meaning to live and follow our destiny.

We, the sapiens are special because we have the gift to use our brain to listen to the beat of our heart.

We must not forget that we have a heart and that beats for ‘someone else’.

Always, keep a portrait of this ‘someone else’ in your mind and you’ll make the right decision…

…Not always, but most of the time

This ‘someone else’ is special. We are a part of it.

It’s Life herself.

Don’t bargain with life. Give her respect and she will reward you with everything that you need.

Life is no one else but your own Higher Self and you can’t be wrong if she is right.

You can only be right when you appreciate the decision to be happy, filled with love and gratitude.

You have the power to shift your thinking and when you’ll change your thinking patterns, the whole world will change for you, at least in your mind.

You’ll be proud to take that decision…

…It shaped your destiny

You were right and you’ll be right because now, your’e right in your own eyes.

That’s the lesson I wanted to share with you.

It took me more than a decade to realize a simple truth.

It’s not about me….

…It’s about you

That’s why I wrote it for you…

….You may like or dislike me

But my love is same for you as it was a decade ago…

….Tell me in the comment box

Am I right or not?

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3 thoughts on “How To Take The Right Decision?”

  1. I love your simplicity. It feels as if my best friend is talking to me about something important. Thanks for writing for us.

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