The Secret Of Happiness

A person who does nothing will enjoy no happiness.

– Mallanaga Vatsyayana

We wish for happiness but get sadness. The problem is that we seek happiness outside of us, somewhere in the future. We think that we’ll do something and because of that one day, we’ll be happy.

That day comes, we feel the happiness but then we return to our anxieties, and the result is sadness. We feel loneliness. We want sex for satisfaction. We engage ourselves in alcohol and drugs. We become a pervert in search of happiness.

The first thing I want to discuss here is that the real problem is our wrong understanding of happiness. We’ve made it a concept.

Happiness is not a concept but an activity. We feel happy as an outcome of doing something that we love to do. It can work for earning money or kissing. It’s all about the process.

Happiness is here in this moment where we do something. We’ve to learn the skill to derive happiness from the work at hand. The process must be a simple activity.

For example, artists create something that they love to create. They fall in love with the process and they’re happy.

In life whenever and wherever we are, our problem is the same. We want to be happy but are unable to follow the process that results in happiness.

The more we crave sex, success and satisfaction, the harder it becomes to achieve that state called happiness.

When we stop thinking about the resulting outcome and start doing the necessary work to bring the desired result, we free ourselves from the prison of attachment.

The detached performance brings real satisfaction and we become happy. That’s the true happiness, we’re seeking.

Forget the past and future. Be here in this moment and start executing the task at hand with full integrity and genuine love. You’ll be happy and in the long run, it will create more opportunities to bring back the happiness to you.



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