The Show-Case Window Shopping: A Life of Show-Off Melodrama

She wakes up in the morning in hope of few more likes to her recent insta post.

He closed his eyes trying to sleep at night without satisfaction in his heart, the reason was simple, his recent tweet didn’t get sufficient likes and much fewer retweets as he expected.

There are several reasons to be ‘not happy’ in life and when your happiness depends on the ‘likes’ on little screens, it’s really a Herculean task to make you feel happy.

She purchased a new pair of jeans but is worried about what her friends will think?

He purchased a new t-shirt but is wondering whether his friends will like it or not?

When a person’s peace of mind depends on the clothes and costumes, there is something he or she is ‘loosing’ that is more valuable.

After an hour of make-up, she is still not sure whether she looks beautiful or not?

After exiting the gate of menz-salon just a few minutes ago, he is still confused, is this style suits him or not?

When a person’s beauty and style is a puppet of makeup artists, designers, and hair-dressers, there is something ‘missing’ in the life of a person.

Someone flattered her about her face and she got over-confident about her looks.

Someone commented about his skin color and he got under-confident about everything in his life.

When the ‘confidence’ of a person fluctuates on the basis of ‘comments of others’ there is something he or she is ‘lacking’ in reality.

It’s a natural pattern of Sapiens to seek approval from others to justify whether it’s right or not what they think about themselves but when a person’s whole life rotates around faking in front of others to get few likes and compliments, it’s a matter of giving at least one more thought.


Are not you good enough as you’re?

With whom are you comparing yourself all day and even in dreams?

Why you need this ‘comparison’ at all?

Why you’re giving your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect in hands of someone else and letting him or her decide your actual ‘worth’?

And then how will you take an ‘action’ for yourself?

You’ll be scared up to death to do anything because all the time you’ll be haunted by the thought ‘what they’ll think of me’.

You’ll remain a mediocre mind among the crowd of millions living like zombies wandering here and there just in hope to ‘impress’ someone nearby or thinking ‘how to impress’ the person superior to you.

And if you think you can impress the ‘common masses’ by your superficial charm and show-off melodrama.

You’re right.

It’s as easy as taking a sip of water.

But if you think you can impress the ‘giants of hearts’ by your little childish non-sense foolish thoughts and acts.

You’re in delusion.

Their eyes are sharp that once meeting to your eyes they penetrate deeply to your heart to see the reality behind the artificial charm on your face and the naked version of helplessness behind your clothes and costumes.

So, if you’re here, is, itself dictates what you want in life and for that ‘be true to yourself’.

You’re one of the sweetest gift of Nature.

She has cared and nourished you since your childhood.

Return to your natural way of living, being the ‘best version of you’ and you’ll see the miracle of life.

How Mother Nature loves and cares her dear ones selflessly to be the ‘best version of themselves’.

You’ve infinite potential and it needs ‘time’ to unleash itself.

Are you willing to invest sufficient ‘time’ on yourself? 

Where you want to spend your time on?

Being the part of the show-off melodrama?

Or refining yourself to be the best version of You?

The choice is yours. No one will question it.

Just remember one thing…

You’re not here to live forever.

Time is short and you’ve to travel a long.


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