The Silly Mistakes

Every day, we make a lot of mistakes, some correctable and some uncorrectable. These mistakes decide our fate. Knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously, whatever we’re doing at this moment is creating our destiny.

Most of us have made some of the biggest mistakes of life and because of that, we’re reaping the fruit of our karma. We all get the chance to correct ourselves, but we seldom realize our mistakes and try to correct them. We keep on repeating the same mistakes again and again over again.

With time it becomes hard to correct those mistakes because now they have become a part of our psyche, our lifestyle- a habit that can’t be changed. That’s a sure way to self-destruction.

Knowing is not enough if we can’t make a change in our lives. We have all the knowledge and wisdom available on the internet but that’s useless if we don’t know how to use all or part of that information for our benefit.

Over years a lot has been changed and one of the major changes is that now we have more freedom to make mistakes.

Our best friend-the Word Wide Web has the answer to our deepest desires and fears. Those who don’t understand the subtle intricacies of the mind, find a better way of expression and pleasure on the Internet.

Slowly and slowly, an individual becomes a net surfer and gets lost in the fantasy world of Metaverse.

The problem with this virtual world is that it’s new and we don’t know to what extent it can bend the reality, what will be the real-world consequences, and in the long run how our minds will collaborate with this virtual reality.

Surely, there is infinite potential to learn and earn in this metaverse but if unchecked and left on automatic mode, our minds will adopt the bad habits available on the Internet.

Remember, always

It’s difficult to get rid of this virtual reality. With time it gets embedded in our brains and we find solitude only at a site on the web that is made to give us the virtual feelings of pleasure and motivation.

Be aware of this fact while being online.

There is a real-world out there in the Universe that’s your real home.

Never forget that.

Sooner or later, you’ve to return home.



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One Comment

  • Rakhi singh

    You’ re right🤌!
    Mistakes act as a ladder to the roof of success and committed mistakes doens’t make us looser ads to a great victory!
    We’ ve to learn from our mistakes and try not to do it again due to this we don’t have to repent for that 💕

    I am thankful to you for providing such content, it always gives me the idea to write up my diary and make me enough mature and also increase my understanding level which makes me different from other!

    Reading your post keeps me away from any motivational videos on YouTube whenever I feel exhausted I just read your post, which encourages me not to give up and inspires me a lot🍂🌼.

    So much love from this side🌺
    Your truly
    Rakhi singh

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