The Son Of A Warrior

Born as the son of a Warrior in the prison where his own maternal uncle has Locked up his parents because they rebelled against his injustice and massive exploitation of common masses.

It was almost pre-planned to kill the child as soon as he was born out of the womb of her mother.

But the destiny of this child was not death but liberation. 

Maybe he was born to fulfil some ‘higher purpose’.

With the help of some close allies, the father of the boy managed to send him to a small village where he was adopted by the family of a milkman who raised him lovingly. 
Right from childhood, he was rebellious, as he had faced ‘pain and suffering’ right after coming to the Earth. 

What was extraordinary in him was his outstanding capability to turn out any situation in favour of benefiting the whole and never to accept defeat even if it’s a direct combat with the monstrous powers of the devil.

He lived his life by setting examples of justice, love, and freedom. 

He eradicated most of the evils prevailing in his time. 

He was a brilliant philosopher, a powerful and undefeatable warrior, an extraordinary strategist, a cunning diplomat, a rebel of superstitions and dogmas, an effortless wealth creator, a divine lover, an ethereal poet, a leader of the voice of common masses and above all a king of hearts not of the crown.
He loved the illiterate villagers without any ego of superiority instead of being the inborn son of a king. 

He loved and respected his parents who adopted and raised him more than he loved his parents who gave him birth. 
He acted as a messenger of love, peace, and wisdom. 

He helped his best friend by accepting to be his guide leaving the lavish life of the mansion spending days on the battleground guiding and inspiring him day and night to ensure his victory over the injustice and humiliation done by his step-brothers.

Ages have been passed and now no one knows who was this ‘son of milkman’ in reality. 

Worldwide a large number of people worship him as a divine incarnation and learn from his messages to lead a life of simplicity, creativity, and wisdom. 

But there is also a whisper among the crowd…

He was just a PlayBoy.

Recommended Reading: Krishna Niti: Krishnas Wisdom for 21st Century By Girish P. Jakhotiya




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