The Story Of Success

We want to become successful in life but do you know what’s our greatest fear?

It’s a belief that we don’t want to break…


We don’t want to break it and come out of our comfort zone. We don’t want to take the risk of failure.

Have you ever wondered…

Why we hate successful people?

We can become like them but we don’t crave it like hell and we don’t want to die for it…

All we’ve is a vain wish…

I want to become successful.

When a child is born. She has the potential to become the star whom you admire the most, but she ends up becoming a fat woman who can’t even take care of her body let alone do something great in life.

Don’t take it personally. That’s our story.

We the common people.

We can dream but can’t achieve because we don’t want to pay the price of that…

My dear, success is not cheap. If that were the case, everyone could’ve purchased it.

Money can’t make your child a bright student. A premium membership in a fitness club can’t make you fit. Your purchasing power can’t make you happy. Reading books and watching videos can’t make you successful.

There is one and only one thing that can make you successful is a belief…

That you’re born successful and to restore your glory as a star you’ve to practice again. Come out of your comfort zone and awaken the child within you. Become curious to know all that is knowable and get ready to jump into the unknown.

Believe me. You’ll not regret it. There’ll be a spark in your eyes that will say 24*7…

I’m successful. I don’t need the approval of anyone.



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