Think Differently

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

– Albert Einstein

Keep on thinking the same way as you thought in past and you’ll never be able to improve an iota in your life.

We’re the accumulation of past information that’s stored in our memories and most of it is nothing but garbage in the kitchen.

The information inside our skulls is not only outdated but it contains a kind of negative energy that blocks the way to progress.

Look within you and you’ll find the internal monologue as…

  • I can’t be successful.
  • I don’t have the talent or skill.
  • I’m not good looking.
  • I’m not smart.
  • I’m a useless person.
  • I can’t do anything great in my life.
  • I can’t create a fortune.
  • I’m a mediocre person.
  • I’m far behind the human race.

In short, that last statement for ourselves is that…

I’m not good enough.

Look at the root cause of the problem. It’s our attitudes and beliefs that shape our lives. If we’ll keep on insulting and criticising ourselves, who’ll love us and why?

Without love what we’ll accomplish in life?

If you don’t love what you do then how you’ll make the extra effort?

If you believe that you’re not worthy of anything significant then how the riches of life will come to you?

Dear, you’ve to change yourself by changing your attitudes and beliefs toward yourself. You have to affirm again and again that you deserve all the health, wealth and wisdom that you’re seeking. Then only you’ll be able to put in the extra effort needed to succeed in life.

From today onwards, take an oath to never insult or criticize yourself for anything. Acknowledge the mistakes, correct them and move on but please, don’t blame yourself unnecessarily. You’re doing your best.

I believe in you. Keep on moving. I’m with you, always and my love will act as a catalyst in your transformation.

You don’t believe in me. First, change that belief.



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