Turning-Off The Monkey Mind

Most of the people talk about caging the monkey mind and there are a lot of remedies available over the Web.

You can take one or a few of your choice but it’s recommended as default…

Don’t try to grab them all at once.

For some, Meditation is the answer. (Transcendental, Passive or Active.) 

It depends on the type of person and his preference of menu card along with her bank balance. 

Not kidding. It’s as perfect as your eyesight.
Some of you can find solace in Tantra, Mantra or Yoga.

 (You can catch any roadside spiritual Romeo who will tell you the secrets of  mumbo jumbo of spirituality and about your past and future along with a free ticket of heaven treating you as your Juliet for a little fee of charity).

Enough of gossip.

Now coming straight to the point.

Is it Possible to “Turn-off the Monkey Mind”?

Well, it’s impossible for the race of chimpanzees.

But for the race of Evolved Homo Sapiens.
It’s as simple as switching off the LED light of your home.

It’s impossible!

Can feel your cry.

This is the biggest hindrance in the Evolution of Humanity that still you think with the ‘chattering mind’ this is possible and that is not possible.

Neither the World nor the Nature act on your ‘thinking patterns’. 

It Has Its Own Way.

And, if you can see the possibility in your head, it means you belong to the Conscious Race of Homo Sapiens. 

Now, the time is to use the full potential of the Mind by having total command over your Mind instead of being a slave of the ‘Monkey Mind’.


If you’re waiting for a formula, dear, you’re quite innocent like a child who wishes to become a professor of Happiness by looking at a comedy cartoon series of 100 episodes.

Wishes always lead to either ‘suffering’ or the ‘fulfilment of dreams’.

And, none of them is the goal if you want to take complete control of the mind.

Just ‘observe’ the truth of  ‘chattering voice’ inside your head and ‘understand’…

What is Mind?

The rest all follows itself. 

Once you understood what the mind actually is. 

It’s under your command.

And then you don’t need these words to learn  

‘How to Cage the Monkey Mind?’


‘How to Turn-off the Monkey Mind?’

It gets firmly embedded to your system as an antivirus gets embedded to the whole operating system to rectify each and every virus.

And still, if you’re waiting for some formula in the Words of the World.

Dear, you’re quite stubborn. 

(Yeah! It’s a compliment.)

Format your whole system of the body-mind complex by decluttering everything that you know and everything you don’t know and reboot the system once again by installing the primary software of ‘active observation’ and ‘understanding’ everything without words just in the form of zero and one. 

Witness The Reality As It Is Without Making a Gossip Story of Everything that You Witness. 

Nothing more can be said neither is required.
You will get to know the truth of ‘Zero and One’ and hence, also the switch to ON and OFF the Mind at your will.

So, What to To after That?

Now, you’re questioning like a little child…

And, there is no answer. 

First, turn it Off.

Then, it’s your choice!

“You already know That.” 

If still, you’re reading it…

You can act through the ‘hole’ of ‘fear and desire’ to fulfil your dreams that are now a tiny fragment in comparison to the ‘Whole’ or act out of Love and Compassion for the ‘Whole’.


World Needs You 

And Many More…

As Loving As You Are.

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