What Do You Think About That?

It’s the habit of the mind to keep on wandering from one thought to another with no proper sequence. Often we think one thing, and suddenly it gets replaced by another idea. There is no link between these two thoughts, but it still pops up in our minds; the result is unclarity of mind and poor focus.

Imagine what quality of life we’ll produce with an unclear mind focused poorly on the work outcome?

We’ve, on our hand, the quality of input that we can give to our work, but we think about other things that have no direct relationship with work. We keep on chattering in our heads about past experiences and future imaginations. We think about all the things that can go wrong, never thinking about those that can create a change in our life.

We worry about lack of money and fear poverty, but we don’t do anything that can challenge our status quo and open a new portal to wealth creation.

All-day long, we do nothing except gossip with others over useless topics of politics and entertainment. We’re much more interested in the extramarital affair of the lady who lives in our neighborhood or the premarital relationship of our newly appointed coworker than in meditating on the problems of life that we’re facing.

We don’t have any specific goal or big dream for that we can work hard. We lack competence because we’re scared up to death at the thought of competition. What we search for is nothing but food for thought.

In reality, we’re escapists. We run behind quick profits and pleasure for instant gratification. We don’t have the patience to wait and watch the movie of life till the end.

If you have a good past, it doesn’t mean you’ll have a great future, and if you’re living a life of fear, doubt, and indecision, you’ll surely attract circumstances that will create a dire lot.

Today if you’re wasting your precious time on useless gossip and cheap entertainment, laughing at those who work hard to make their dreams come true tomorrow, you’ll weep to witness yourself in the mirror.

Hard work never goes unrewarded. Those who struggle well in life to chase their dreams and goals achieve it sooner or later, but those who’re lazy and do nothing to pursue their dreams spend the rest of their life in deep resentment and grief.

Today you’ve got a strong body and flexible mind to do something great tomorrow, and then you’ll have neither the strength in body nor the flexibility of mind to do anything even if you’re willing to do something.

Greatness doesn’t come in a single day. It takes years of dedicated work to reach a threshold frequency where it all becomes a game, but before you get that level, remember that life is damn hard, and if it looks accessible to you, there is a black cloth tied to your eyes. You need to remove that first to see things clearly as they are. There are no shortcuts to success. It’s a long journey as it was in the past.



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