What To Do When Everything Works Against You?

“Eating is an ecstasy; overeating is lunacy.”

― Amar Chandel

Thinking is good but overthinking is a kind of mental dis-ease. We overthink and accomplish little. When we start working on a script, the game always has an associated risk. We overmagnify this risk and get captivated by continuous opposing streams of ideas that degrade our ability to witness reality as it is.

When we start presenting a thought, several things are going on in the background that suppresses our ability to respond to the situation. Instead of concentrating on our work, we get distracted. We produce the job, but it’s of low grade.

Our overthinking problem compels us to believe that the Universe is acting against us and that nothing is okay. We must have to learn that everything is fine.

Be still and take a deep breath. Relax. Everything is fine. No one is coming to stab you. You’ll share an idea, and it’s nothing more than that.

Produce the work that comes from within you. People may not like it, but at least you tried; isn’t that sufficient?

Remember always,

To do something is always better than doing nothing and overthinking. You may have to face failure, but you’ll enjoy the game because your attention is on learning.

Keep working on your script. Nothing is terrible, and no one is against you. One day you’ll produce quality work that people will love to read but to reach that stage, you’ve to create a lot of bad work in that no one is interested.

Please, don’t leave the field. And. Don’t skip the learning curve.

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