What To Do When You Feel Alone In This World?

“If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed.”

Louise Hay

Accept the truth. Loneliness is part of life. You can’t be happy all the time. There’ll be moments when you’ll feel alone. You’ll seek company of a best friend but no one will be there.

No one will pick up the call. No one will respond to your message. You’ll feel inferior in your own eyes. Tears will come out of boredom. Accept that.

Let the tears flow from your eyes. Recall your past mistakes. Flashback to the past and remember how you knowingly or unknowingly hurt your loved ones. Think about those who love you but you’re busy with your affairs. It’s time to reflect.

How many souls did you hurt because of your ego and pride. He wanted to hear a compliment from you and an insult was your reply. She wished to become your friend and you made fun of her. Was that fair?

You could’ve earned few good relationships but your focus was to earn money. You were mad behind gold and ruthless with your fellow beings. Why you’re crying my dear?

Did you remember how many people wept all night long because of your action and attitude?

I’m not criticizing you for anything. I’m telling you the truth. We can’t be happy by hurting others. The day you’ll understand the ephemeral nature of our presence on this planet, you’ll stop all those activities that make others feel bad.

Enjoy your freedom but not at the cost of others. Feel the pain, learn from it and forget all that happened. You’re a good girl. I know that. I’ve felt the goodness in you and I know that you can become better, that’s why I’m writing this post, especially for you.

Please don’t expect anything from me. I can’t help you. It’s your journey in life. I’m a junior artist in your movie of life. You’re the leading character. You’ve to fight those evil thoughts. You’ve to forgive yourself and forget the past.

Life never stops. Every moment is the blossoming of a new flower. Make friendship with the present moment. Accept it as it is. Surrender yourself to the eternal flow of life.

Life is the best teacher. She’ll teach you everything. Now wipe out your tears and smile. It looks good on your face.

My love and blessings are always with you.




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