What to Read and Why?

What is the need to read books and blogs that are not part of your curriculum?
Why waste time learning from the experiences of a person who is a so-called expert in another field?
What is the need for it?

It’s for the people who have nothing to do except read and travel because their pockets are filled with more than their monthly expenditure.

If you think this way, a second look is the need of the hour.

You have the energy and skill to spend on anything that you wish to spend on. You have experiences of your own, about life and how to live it. You have faced failure and success, both. 

So, you know…

No matter who is writing what, in the end, it’s a silly story of ‘the journey from failure to success’.

These scoundrels somehow managed to escape the ‘rat race’ and now they are bragging of their ‘knowledge and luxuries’ with fancy expansive words like their lavish lifestyle. Once they have to face the problems that I had faced in my life and the daily struggle of torture, humiliation, and workload of responsibilities that I am facing now, they will come to remember how sweet the milk of their mothers are.

You’re right. 

They don’t know anything more than you, about life. They don’t have anything that is more precious and better than your definition of philosophy of life.

You are struggling at one phase of life and they are struggling on another. What is the difference between you and these ‘giants of hearts’ is that they know
‘how to handle the problems of life without losing their peace of mind’
‘how to accomplish all they wish to accomplish’ 
not to exaggerate but it’s true that they know…
‘how to create anything out of nothing without getting entangled in the game of success and failure’.

You know the sufficient amount of words of your ‘area of expertise’ that makes you an expert of that particular field. And you see the world with the eyes of that narrow field. But once you extend yourself to the Words of Real Life World that Shape the Reality, you see a different version of Reality.

If you want to learn something about a field that you are unfamiliar with, you need the ‘vocabulary of that field’.

You understand ‘Life’. There is nothing complicated in it, to know. It needs merely an ‘active observation’ to reveal itself in its true form. But to express the Reality you need Words and for that you need Language.

Language Is The Mirror Between You And Reality


It’s a collection of words.

They can be powerful, depressing, blissful or even insulting. They can teach you success, peace, and wisdom. They can also teach you failure, restlessness, and suffering. 

What you’re today is because of the ‘language that you learned since your childhood. If you want to be what you want to be you have to adopt the language that can uplift you ‘from the Lakes of Sorrow to the Ocean of Love’.

Blessed are the ones who wrote their experiences with the words of ‘beauty, love, creativity, enthusiasm, enjoyment, empowerment, evolution, development, peace, satisfaction, gratitude and wisdom’ by their conscious choice that prevented the world to fall to the levels of ‘ugliness, hatred, resistance, suffering, harassment, deterioration, war, struggle, abuse and suffering’.

Read what you Love to Read
Books and Blogs. 

Listen to what you Love to Listen
Music and Podcasts.

Watch what you Love to Watch
Movies and Documentaries.

Just remember one thing…

You Become What You Think And You Think What You Read, Listen and Watch.

Rest, you’re more than smart to catch what this ‘message wants to convey’.

Behind The Scenes…

Sorry! you said…

…The message, I think it’s an article

Whatever you think…

…Just grab what it wants to convey

Instead of wandering On Subway think about taking the Highway.


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