Who, Will Cry For You?

In this selfish world of name, fame, and money dominated by the desire for power and influence, running behind one’s own little motives, driven by greed and fear, of using others for their own benefit, what you think…

Who will think for you?

Who is going to wipe out your tears?

Maybe the ones who love you, your dear ones but once you are out in the market, there are wolves on the street ready to tear away your flesh from bottom to up till there is left nothing to tear.

You tell me…

Why anyone must care for you?

Do you ever care for anyone?

Not superficially, to show others that you’re good enough but in the deep levels of your psyche?

So, why you cry that the world is selfish when deep down you share the same greed and fear of varying intensities.

We share the same reptilian brain that seeks pleasure and wish to avoid pain.

We all are selfish, running behind our self projected goals…

Why we care for anyone?

Are there less problems in our life?

We, too are running in the rat race for bread and butter…

It’s our daily life.

So, dear…

There is no one here going to help you, to teach you right from scratch, to be who you are, what to do and what not to do.

You’ve to figure out your destiny all by yourself.

You have to take responsibility for yourself.

No one is going to help you to figure out your destiny.

No one is going to spoon fed you with all it takes to become a successful person in terms of material warfare and spiritual persuit.

You have to teach the little child in you, all by yourself, right from the scratch, everything you wish to see in ‘You‘.

You have to cry for yourself and then you have to wipe out your tears like a mother wipe the tears of her child…

Because she is a part of her, not someone else.

You have to love the ‘Little You‘ in yourself…

Teach her with tenderness, the basics of love, life and existence.

Then only you can evolve into a better human being from an animal that is right here in front front of me…

reading this article.

So, sorry, harsh but real.

I’ve no other way to explain the answer that you questioned me yesterday.

You have to ask this question to you by yourself…

Who will cry for you if not you?

It’s not philosophical.

It’s pragmatic and pure in thought.



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