Why Must You “Not” Be Afraid To Produce Bad Art?

“Bad art is from no one to no one.”

― Sarah Manguso, 300 Arguments: Essays

Fear of rejection is associated with every art we’re willing to produce. Irrespective of our work, we’ve to face and clear the blocks that stop our creative spirit from manifesting in the physical Universe.

Forget about good and evil. Remove the fear and focus on practice. It’s not about the work’s quality but sitting and doing the job.

Quality work will come if you focus on the job and practice enough. Not every trade can go wrong. One sure hit is destined to come, but you must travel the distance from a bad artist to a good artist.

No one can spoon-feed you with sermons and lectures. Although beneficial, it simply doesn’t work. Learn from the mistakes and keep on improving yourself.

Your every mistake is one shot away from your hit. If you learned the lesson, it’s not a mistake but a ticket to victory.

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