Why We Suffer From Self-Hatred & Guilt?

“We do not suffer by accident.”


Naturally always, there is a vacuum inside us. On the one hand, everyone is successful except ourselves; on the other hand, everyone else has suffered less than we’re suffering in the present.

We never realized the dream of our life. Every day we chased a mammoth and got a sick hare to eat. How can we accept our failure?

We feel inferior in front of others. It feels as if we committed sins in the past. Because of that, we’ve to face the rudeness of society. Our little minds can’t receive the messages of love from the Universe.

We feel self-hatred for accomplishing little and guilt for doing something wrong in the past. At least in the perception of our mind.

Every day we witness the same thoughts of fear and anxiety that compels us to think negatively about our present life. We’re always dissatisfied.

Why not create something within us that can give us enough pain to realize we have done wrong in the past?

Self-hatred and guilt are the mental patterns we create within ourselves. We don’t know that by giving ourselves pain through these patterns, we’re not only destroying our present but also the future.

We feel self-hatred and guilty because we want to punish ourselves. We can’t cure ourselves of this disease unless we recognize our self-worth and elevate our self-esteem to realize the potential within us that is made up of pure love.



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