You Too Have A Voice

Whether you’re a college dropout smart boy or a pretty young girl who didn’t get the opportunity to attend the college and forced to leave her studies due to some personal reason.

Whether you’re a novice screenwriter or a bathroom singer.

Whether you’re a successful entrepreneur who now got bored of life and wants to share his journey to show ‘the way‘ to the newcomers or a retired professor who can’t imagine her life without teaching someone…


And even if you’re in none of these. 

Still, You’re Someone

You Too Have A Voice…

No matter how you got to come here.
You’re able to read it, that naturally means…
You’re familiar with World-Wide-Web.

If you can code…
Write programs and develop ‘software and apps’
If you can’t code…
Write blogs and create podcasts.
If you can’t do any of these…
Record your passion and publish it on ‘video-sharing platforms’.

You’re not going to do it for someone else.

You’re not going to do it to show others that you too have skills and unique ability to create.

You’re going to do it for Yourself. 

You’re going to do it for those whom you love the most.

You’re going to do it for those who love you the most.

You’re going to do it in the service of ‘The One‘ whom you think is higher than your ‘little egoic self‘ and beyond the comprehension of the human mind. 

And if you’ll do that…

There is a strong possibility, that, maybe, in your journey, you realize, that ‘something‘ that is the source of ‘everything‘.



That’s What Really Matters.

More Than Anything Else In This Universe.

The last and the least.

Just to satisfy your curiosity…

“You’re reading it because a small child was a little bit fascinated about reading ‘few pages of few books‘ and wanted to know ‘how it feels to write‘. How it feels to move the fingers to touch the screen and the letters getting appeared from nowhere on the screen. And, how just twenty-six alphabets of a language create the miracle of words, sentences, and paragraphs that have the potential to shape the life of a person and reshape the world into a better place.”

You’re reading it because a child listened to the voice of his heart and decided to compose spontaneously, some precise, concise, and to the point small posts, articles, and messages that can be read in less than 100 sec and can really bring a real change in the life of a reader. 

So he devoted his ‘spare time‘ to write down everyday, that comes out of stillness, spontaneously and effortlessly, as far as it can be expressed in words.

You’re reading it because once a small child was ‘willing to share’ the little he understood from the life to ‘a single person on this planet’ who was willing to listen and understand what he has to say.

That may not solve the problems of Billions of Sapiens all over the world but can definitely reduce the suffering and day to day struggle of an ‘individual‘ who has a smartphone in his or her hands with an internet connection, anytime in 24 hours, anywhere in the world, with a free mind to listen, for 100 seconds…

There Is A Way


You Are That Way. 

Thanks For Your Attention And Time.

Wish You All The Best For Your Upcoming Future.

Be Still. Be Present. Be Alive.




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