You’re Smarter Than My Ex- Boyfriend

I can’t say that I was not impressed with her looks. She was stunningly beautiful. In short she has all the characteristics of a girl that can make boys mad.

It was 6:00 p.m. of Summer and I was having a walk enjoying the natural beauty of the park. I’m a person of an adventurous creed. I can’t focus on one thing over a long period of time. I need distraction. You can call that attention-deficit disorder (ADD) but I call it what the next kill syndrome (WTNKS).

Soon the moment became familiar and my stomach started to burn for some freshie.

I heard someone on call…

I’ll kick straight on your ass if you tried to interfere in my personal life. I’m not your wife. This is my life and I’ll decide who is best for me…

F*cking bastard…

All the boys are same. Shame on you.

The call was over and before I tried to switch my position, I found her staring at me…

…Hey you, what’s funny in that

Why you’re smiling?…

Look at that bitch, she thinks that every dog on the street is running behind her, so there must be something special in her. I’m smiling at her attitude.

I thanked God that he sent the right dogs at right time.

She said with anger…

What you think of yourself?

How dare you to talk with me like that?

I replied…

Because I’m not your boyfriend.

Suddenly her reaction changed and before I can speak something…

…She said

I’m frustrated with that son of a bitch. He interferes in my life, for everything from my outfits of the day to my conversation with other boys. I’m sorry that I disturbed you.

Not at all. It’s okay. I can understand your problem. You’re with the right person at right place.

I’m a psychologist. You can share your problem with me and I’ll give you a quick solution in two minutes.

Oh really?

You’re smarter than my boyfriend and much ahead of your time. But I’m not not going to enter into a flirtationship with you.

Now it was my responsibility to teach this lady bond a lesson in love.

I replied politely…

Why the hell on Earth I’m going to have flirt with you when my girlfriend is hotter and sexier than you.

In a single ball, I made her clean out. I congratulated myself on my great magniloquence.

I was thinking about some poetry, soon I got a story that I never expected…

It was not a kiss but a reply. I have broken up with my boyfriend and have a crush on you. You don’t know me but I follow you every day. There is something unique in you. The more I try to expel you from my mind. More you’re getting inside of my head.

Have you done some kind of spell on my mind?

Our lives are a great drama. Once I had a crush on a girl in my college years and after two years of research on love, I proposed to her…

She replied politely, you’re smart and I like you but I’m in a relationship with someone else for the past seven years. I can’t leave him. You can understand my problem.

That day changed my life. I decided never to fall in love with a girl and enter into a relationship.

This heart is a fragile glass. The rumours of love and friendship had made people addicted to suffering. It’s easy to enter into a romantic drama and keep on escaping from your work than doing the real work.

The message is short. Never get addicted to a relationship. You don’t need someone to make you happy. You’re never alone. If you’re true to your Higher Self, you’ll meet someone who’ll make you complete but it doesn’t mean you’re incomplete now. Happiness is not in some future moment but here. When you start rising in love with yourself, people and circumstances start getting attracted to you.

That’s called the Law Of Attraction.

I didn’t understand anything. She said softly…

I like you. What shall I do?

Read my blog. I update it with some real-life nonsense every day. You may like that…

Before I completed my sentence, she jumped to a conclusion.

Are you a writer?

No. I’m a traveller on the journey to Self.

See you tomorrow,

Good Bye and Good Luck.




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  • Rakhi singh

    Your titles are really attractive!💕
    Your one short line “ you’ re not alone” give a deep knowledge.

    No one is alone here, everyone is with themself. One thing they have to do is to realise their presence in themself. Your blog helps me in boosting my understanding and also because of your blog I’m able to understand what the life actually is and how should we live peacefully!
    Thank you so much for providing such stuff !
    Rakhi singh

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