How to Get Out of the Trap of Boredom and Mediocrity?

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

– Vincent van Gogh

I’ve got a subject, and I’m supposed to write, but I don’t have the skill to write. I have the talent but not the skill.

The genius in me knows about the subject, but my thoughts hinder achieving the goal.

What I’m supposed to do?

To leave the subject?


I’m supposed to acquire the ability to distract my negative thoughts somewhere else and do the work I’m supposed to do. This is called expertise. In short, it’s a skill.

You know how to achieve your goal irrespective of hindrances.

What it all has to do with boredom and mediocrity?

The person trapped in boredom and mediocrity has the talent but is unwilling to acquire the skill.

I don’t know why s(he) is tucked, but I know how s(he) can escape the trap.

Trust your instinct and follow your destiny. Feel the fear and do it anyway. You’ll miraculously acquire the skill.

The important thing is taking the initiative. Rest everything is an outcome of the game you’re playing.