Shall I Publish My Bad Art?

“You can die from kitsch. And we’re close to it.”

― John Lamb Lash

In the initial years of our apprenticeship, we don’t know much about the art we’re practicing. We put in our hours and do our best but rarely do we produce anything worth giving attention to.

No one cares about our effort and time. There is nothing in our work that can be appreciated. Still, my suggestion is that you must publish it.

Let the people decide whether they’re interested or not. You do your work, practice, and publish. But please don’t expect the audience to respond to your every word.

People will react once they start getting something valuable in your art. It will either have aesthetic value or inspire them to learn and grow. In any way, you must be on quality content production.

Start small. Don’t wait for likes and comments. Focus on uniqueness and mastery of the craft. You’ll hit the mark.

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