What does It Take to Become a Rational Dog?

“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”

– Rumi

The world is limitless. The limitation is of our mind. We can be anything, but we don’t dare to do what we want. We’re scared.

We’re filled with noise inside our minds that tells us the Story of Scarcity. We believe in poverty; hence we’re poor.

Life is ready to give us what we want

But we're lazy enough to ask for the proper wage.

We don't want to do the work 
Enjoy everything free of cost

Isn't that a breach of the Laws of the Universe?

When we start understanding the Law of Abundance, we start working for the benefit of everyone. We work hard to create a service for all. We become a service provider.

When we help others with our unique work, we evolve as human beings. We gain the respect and love of society. All of our expenses start meeting naturally.

From scared puppies, we become rational dogs that bark at no one but analyze their minds to produce a consistent income.

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