Am I Successful or Not?

You can be successful in the eyes of others, but if you don't have respect and love for your life and work... You're living in hell.

“Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success.”

— Joyce Brothers

As the above quote displays brilliantly, it’s about what you think. You can be successful in the eyes of others, but if you don’t have respect and love for your life and work…

You’re living in hell.

On the other hand, if you’re successful in your eyes and genuinely love what you do all day long. You’re earning not in millions but enough to stand on your own feet, my dear friend.

You’re successful. You don’t need to think of others to judge your worth.

Now, the time is to think about something larger than life. Your basic needs are fulfilled, and you’re young. Think about the big picture. What about producing a real-life Movie about Life?

You’re the writer-director-producer. You’re the protagonist. Live your days writing, directing, producing, and acting in your unique Movie of Life.

Sing a song, dance to natural beats, draw, paint, or sculpt a statue. Do whatever you love to do and live your passion.

Trust me; it will pay you more than enough in the long run.

Become a child of six years old and begin from that level. Irrespective of the art you’re practicing, you’ll achieve mastery in a few years and get your dedicated audience.

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