Be Willing To Help Others

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.”

― John Holmes

Be willing to help others, and they’ll help you grow. The more you express love and respect to them more they’ll be inclined to your calling.

Every day make it a habit to help at least one person who needs your service. You don’t need to help her financially. A little compliment or an act of kindness can do wonders.

Everyone is as scared as you’re to share their stories. They’ve got emotional pain from others and suffer from dis-ease. What they expect from you is compassion.

If you’re creative, you can use your creativity to heal their wounds. Allow them to share their stories with you. First, listen to them. Only then respond.

You can set a goal and achieve the target, but if you want real progress in life, there must be a human element in your interactions with people.

Your success can only be calculated by the number of people with whom you’re interacting directly or indirectly to create a change in their lives for the higher good.

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