“Treat every small victory like you just won the Superbowl.”

― Lewis Howes

We must remember to celebrate the little wins and learn to wait for the special moment when we feel proud.

Surely that moment will come, but how many precious moments we’ll miss if we keep chasing the big win?

We can find happiness in moment-to-moment awareness.

When we start living and doing our work for the sake of doing it and not for a reward, we become tiny magnets to attract success and happiness.

Rewards come to us as a byproduct, and if we’re intelligent enough to understand the transient nature of the Universe, we’ll not wait for any big event.

This moment is the beauty of life; if we can’t recognize our perfection now, we can never find its future. We’re the accumulation of the past and today.

If we’ve no reason to be happy and feel satisfied now, we can’t expect to be grateful for anything in the future.

Do the work perfectly and celebrate the little rewards the job offers in the form of wins. Whenever we celebrate our success, we attract more wins naturally.

Don’t be afraid to confront your mistakes. Accept them with heart and be grateful for the recognition of that mistake.

Forgive yourself for mistakes, learn from them and forget that. Mistakes are our best teachers. Respect them.

Life is a series of mistakes, corrections, wins, and losses. Success is a result of small wins greater than significant losses. Focus on refining your accuracy; you’ll win big, but don’t wait for the enormous success to celebrate.

If you read this article thoroughly, it’s a success. You’ve got the patience to listen to the voice of others. Congratulate yourself on the little win that you got today. It’s a vital ingredient in your big success.

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