Forgive and Forget

We've made a lot of mistakes in our life. They make us feel inadequate at every moment. We feel guilty for our mistakes.

 “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and realize that prisoner was you.”

– Lewis B. Smedes

We’ve made a lot of mistakes in our life. They make us feel inadequate at every moment. We feel guilty for our mistakes.

There is guilt within us that we cannot become good children/parents/spouses.

There is pain within us for being a loser. There were a lot of expectations from our parents, relatives, and teachers, but we proved them wrong.

This guilt hurt us. It creates a web of never-ending emotional cycles that brings tears to our eyes.

What shall we do to avoid this pain?

First, we’ve to accept our limitations. Ideally, we must do our best to improve ourselves, forgetting the past.

Without forgiving ourselves for our mistakes, we can’t move ahead in life.

Understand: Thoughts are a bundle of energies. They have the power to create us or destroy us. We can’t become anything based on the expectations of our parents, relatives, and teachers. We can’t fulfill all of our deep-rooted desires.

To run behind a goal without thinking about our strengths and weaknesses is insane. We’ll not get anything in return. We’ve to identify our unique edge that can turn into success.

It’s not a one-day game. Daily, we’ve to work on ourselves. We’ve to eliminate the thoughts of fear and failure. We’ve to develop endurance and flexibility in our thoughts and actions.

In short, we’ve to forgive ourselves for whatever mistake we committed in the past, and then we’ve to forget all negatively charged emotional states that make us weak. The day will come when we’ll be proud of ourselves for taking action here. One day we’ll become successful in our own eyes.

Today is the first day towards a life of success.

Congratulations, if you’ve been with me till now. I hope these words will uniquely help you as they helped me to become a better version of myself.

Be Still. Be Present. Be Alive.

3 thoughts on “Forgive and Forget”

  1. Sir, your teaching approach is different. On the one hand where everyone encourages us for competing by making us feel guilty…
    On the other hand, you make us feel good.

    Inspired by your blog I started to wake up early in the morning which was impossible one month ago.

    I do read your blog first in the morning. It feels as if you’re writing these articles just for me.

    Thanks. Please write more on relationships. ❤️


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