Compliment Yourself

Consciously or unconsciously, we commit a lot of mistakes.

We criticize ourselves for that.

That’s natural but have you ever thought…

How many times have you complimented yourself for the little accomplishments?

We seek respect & recognition from others but seldom do we congratulate ourselves for accomplishments.

We’re never satisfied.

In that way we’re never going to be happy as happiness is directly linked with our satisfaction level.

As a trader we make more mistakes than people in other professions and the Mother Market never forgives us.

It costs us hard earned money. We pay the price for our mistake and then criticize ourselves.

It becomes an addiction because it’s impossible to trade perfectly and without perfection where is satisfaction?

You know, that’s where the power of thought comes into play.

If we’ll criticize ourselves for every single mistake that we make (here mistake means we didn’t follow the rule), then we’ll become mechanical criticizers.

We’ve to recognize, that there is a little child within us who is as soft as a feather. If we can’t love her, we’ve no authority to criticize her all the time.

So here is my recommendation…

It’s human nature to criticize ourselves for each and every mistake but learn to compliment yourself for little victories (here victory means you follow the rules).

It will increase your performance.



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