Do You Hate Your Body?

“The human body is the best work of art.”

― Jess C. Scott

Many times, we forget the sacredness of the human body. We start denying it and treat it as if it’s merely a structure of flesh and bones.

When we start focusing on disease and decay, we stop caring about the original needs of the body. We may eat, exercise and sleep well but forget to give the body the love it deserves.

Love is a vital ingredient that helps us learn and grow as better humans. If we don’t like our faces and hate our bodies, we invite complex psychological disorders.

A person who can’t love oneself can never take care of anyone. The one who neglects the needs of his body, how can she create harmony between the internal environment and external world?

The more we deny ourselves, the lesser we evolve. Fear and anxiety catch our attention. We fall prey to the emotions of despair and desperation. We start depreciating our value and in no time fall below the standards of a human being.

The human body is a sacred instrument. It’s the most remarkable invention by the forces of the Universe.

We must love our bodies as we love the kids. We are required to appreciate it and praise its marvelous glory.

We must acknowledge the truth that without the body we’ve, there is no meaning in the resources we’re running after.

There is no fashion with clothes and shoes if your body is not comfortable with them. There is no meaning in fancy goggles and expensive watches if you’re ashamed of your own body.

Never let the body feel denied of your love. Give the body what it needs and reduce the mind’s desires to create a prosperous lifestyle.

Touch your face as if you’re touching the most beautiful bird on this planet. Sing and dance like the angels in heaven. Love your body as God lives inside it.

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”

― Jess C. Scott

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