Do You Know How To Brush Your Teeth Like A Superstar?

“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes.”

—Sally Field

It’s important to feel grateful for everything in your life. From your ability to walk and talk to your capacity to life the heavyweight at the gym, be thankful for everything.

The more you feel gratitude, the easier it will become to live. Feel the love of God and embrace what you’ve. Always you get something to feel grateful for.

Whether brushing your teeth or washing your clothes, practice gratitude reminding yourself that you’re part of a successful life story; you don’t have to become anything in life. Still, already you’re successful because you can stand up on your feet.

Keep refining your skills and avoid any pitfalls. There may be a thousand distractions and problems in your life, but whenever you’ll listen to the voice of your heart, invariably, it will say:

“You have an abundant supply of resources needed to start your dream project. What you lack is the courage to start the game.”

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