Fear Of The Unknown

Most of the time, for most of our lives, we have fear of the unknown

Starting a conversation with a stranger, getting trapped in an unfamiliar situation, going to a place for the first time where we have been never before, all make us feel scared. 

We’re afraid of initiation, we want others to initiate. We want the other person to start communication.

We want someone else to solve our life problems and situations that we are unable to understand on our own.

We hesitate to go to a place that is completely unknown to us and to meet a person whom we have never met before, because we have no idea, what’s out there, and what could happen if we explored it all by ourselves.

We fear. 

The result could be catastrophic.

Hence. It’s better. Not to take any action.

Unfortunately, this fear of the unknown is the ‘biggest enemy’ in learning and growing, and more than that, living a fulfilled life with ‘complete freedom’ and ‘absolute satisfaction.

Fear is a ‘defence mechanism’ that is deeply embedded in the human psyche to ‘ensure survival’ at any cost. It’s for the protection of the ‘individual’ from unfamiliar, unknown and unavoidable threats that can be harmful for his or her mind, body and the soul.

But once it exceeds the threshold limit, it becomes a tool of ‘infinite resistance’ and ‘self-sabotage’. It makes the ‘individual’ paralyzed in her mind. It’s not that there is a real danger out there, but, it just becomes a habit to imagine everything that can go wrong by taking an action or making an initiation.

And this ‘incessant uncontrolled habit’ of ‘self-deception’ in the form of ‘fear of the unknown’ is one of the biggest cause of ‘living unfulfilled lives’ in the life of millions of sapiens all over the world.


Don’t let this ‘fear of the unknown’ ruin your life. Identify the ‘real fear’ from the ‘imaginary fear’. 

For Most Of Us, Most Of The Time, Fear Is A Paper Tiger.

It Has No Real Existence Except In Our Mind.

Analyze, is it in reality, out there, or just a mental hypothetical creation, or hallucination.

Once you understand the reality behind the fear of the unknown, it vanishes, as if it were never there before, much in the same way a little child who is scared terribly of a monstrous ghost in her dreams, starts to smile at the name of the ghost when she realizes that…

There Was No Ghost Out There, It Was In Her Mind.