‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’

-Albert Einstein

It’s a truth that we don’t want to change. We avoid anything that challenges our status quo. We want to live in our comfort zone. We often come across people or places where we need to shift our mindset, and we get an opportunity to go out of our narrow hole of existence. Naturally, we resist this change.

Then there comes the point where we want to change, but those around us threaten us to return. It’s a challenge of existence on this planet. If we’re not good fighters, anybody can crush us with their words. People hate change. They’re like us.

We know that change is inevitable. We can’t stop the difference, but we still keep arguing with time, and the result is that we miss the opportunity. From childhood to a teenager and there to manhood, then finally old age, time passes, and we stand on the bank of the river called life.

In the final stage of life, there is nothing except deep remorse. We had the potential to advance in life, but we lacked the enthusiasm. We listened to those idiots who were losers, and we killed our precious time doing nothing except chit-chat.

Who’s responsible for our misery?

Are that people and circumstances, or are we the creators of this failure?

I know that you’re dying to do something significant, but the problem is that you’re running in the race of losers. There is nothing in them that you can learn except their abuse, criticism, and insult. They’re weak; hence they can’t let us become strong.

First, you’ve to come out of that stagnating place, leaving those people whose minds are filled with worldly garbage. These sleepwalkers have done nothing great in life except eat, mating, and sleep. They spend most of their time quarreling with each other. Filled with ego and wrath, these toxic people can ruin your life.

Early in your life, leave them and find your niche. It may look like you’ll become alone without them but have faith; you’ll create your tribe.

Please don’t waste your time there. Come and join the race of elites. We’re here for you with a gift. It’s your intelligence whether you want to receive that or not.

We don’t believe in changing people. We believe in changing ourselves and with the change in us, everything changes around us.

Do you feel this change?

We are the change.

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