Risk Management

Forgive Yourself For The Losses You Made In The Past

“Everything’s a gamble, love most of all.”

― Tess Gerritsen, The Sinner

Every day we take risks to make money but fail miserably. In every activity, if there is improper risk management, it’s nothing but a kind of gambling.

Now think about the plans you made that had no backups. You took huge risks and lost your money.

Have you ever thought about creating a system that manages your risks per trade?

If not, you’ll probably keep on losing money consistently until there remains nothing to lose.

Remember always, there is no such thing as quick or cheap money. It comes only through hard work and persistence.

I don’t care how much money you lost in the past, but today, please take an oath to save your capital. Practice quality risk management and stop yourself from committing financial suicide.

Forgive yourself for all of your past mistakes, and begin fresh. Start with small capital and trade according to a proper trading system.

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