Guided Meditation: Let Go

A failed relationship, sexual disorder, poverty, embarrassment —whatever comes to mind, please don't react—watch.

“Meditation is the art of letting go.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Feel the inner body. Stay calm and focus your attention on the natural flow of breath.

Don’t do anything. Relax and feel the flow of life. Be grateful for all that you’ve.

Become aware of the happenings around you—the touch of the breeze on your body and the beat of your heart.

Look at the fear in you —the unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions. Listen the voice of knowledge in your head that says —I’m not good enough.

Watch the flow of thoughts —the greed, the anxiety, and depressive episodes.

What you’re afraid of?

A failed relationship, sexual disorder, poverty, embarrassment —whatever comes to mind, please don’t react—watch.

The childhood traumas, the death of a loved one, divorce, adultery, blasphemy —let go of everything.

Nothing is permanent here. Whatever emotions you’re feeling are temporary.

Remember, always —This too shall pass.

Past is nothing but a story in your mind, and the future is merely an imagination. Between these two extremes is the moment of now where the action is possible, but you’ll not take the right action unless there is a thought process that is aligned with the higher intelligence of life.

Affirm yourself with gratitude and love. Visualize all kinds of positive thought-images that can create positive thought-feeling.

Understand, my dear friend, it’s all about thoughts, feelings, and emotions. How you think and feel about yourself is how Universal Intelligence works for or against you.

Love yourself and be grateful for everything that you’ve. Work for your dreams and goals with enthusiasm and faith. Believe in yourself, and you’ll shine.


My love and blessings are with you, always.

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