How can Guilt of the Past be Responsible for your Failure?

You have a few skills and talent with that you can write a story of success. Wake up and start working on your dream project.

Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt.

– Plautus

Guilt always seeks punishment, and we punish ourselves unconsciously by attracting failure.

With failure comes the pain of hurt. We hurt ourselves physically, emotionally, and financially to release our guilt.

We enter into unhealthy relationships and get involved in risky businesses where there are more chances of becoming bankrupt than that of becoming prosperous.

It’s a kind of insanity where we, instead of forgiving ourselves for the past, keep searching for ways to punish ourselves.

Many times we feel the need to commit suicide.

If not physically possible, we start sabotaging ourselves mentally and financially.

We torture ourselves by doing lousy business with people resulting in failed deals.

We don’t want to succeed because we’re afraid to expose ourselves to the world. We seek to escape, and this habit of escapism creates a conflict within our minds. We stop acting rationally.

With random addiction to profit and success, we start gambling with life.

One day we discover a large variety of mental diseases that have begun to appear in our bodies.

If you understand how guilt can kill your reason to live, you may think about forgiving yourself for your past mistakes and start working on your edge.

You have the talents and abilities with that you can write a story of success.

Wake up and start working on your dream project. It may change your life.

In other way, you don’t have anything to lose further.

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