How To Conquer Fear In Everyday Life?

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

― Eleanor Roosevelt

You can watch a hundred motivational seminars and read thousands of books; still, the fear will be the same.

No one can remove it from you unless you take the initiative to face it daily. You’ve to do the thing that you’re afraid of. That’s the only way to conquer fear.

If you’re afraid of writing, write as much as possible. If you’re so scared of meeting strangers, meet more and more of them.

Self-help is a kind of delusion. We think watching a motivational speaker in action or reading a bestseller can change our lives. No, my dear friend, nothing changes unless we stand up for ourselves.

The more we feed ourselves with the words of others, lesser we use our voice. We lose your uniqueness.

We wish to become someone else, leaving our authenticity. What will remain if we lose aur authencity?

Leave all that crap and start doing something that makes you scared daily. By practicing daily slowly and slowly, you’ll begin conquering your fears.