How To Forgive Yourself For The Biggest Mistakes In Your Life?

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. If you could've known anything better than what you learned, then, indeed, you could've done better.

“The more you know yourself, the more you forgive yourself.”

– Confucius

The bigger the mistake, the harder it becomes to forgive ourselves. Filled with wrath and guilt, we seek punishment for ourselves.

Repeatedly we remember the decisions that ruined our careers or relationship. There is a certain kind of pressure that gets built inside our heads. We become restless and start sabotaging ourselves.

When nothing goes well in our lives, we recall those memories and condemn our actions. We criticize and abuse ourselves for not doing anything significant in our lives. We wish to slap our cheeks or hit our hands hard on the wall.

What we seek is a release from the pain of guilt and shame. We’re outraged and seek torture in the hope of releasing our tension.

There are many ways to release that build-up tension, but the best tool I may suggest to you is forgiveness.

Forgive yourself for your mistakes. If you could’ve known anything better than what you learned, then, indeed, you could’ve done better. Lack of understanding and circumstances compelled you to make those bad decisions.

Life is not over with a few mistakes. Forgive yourself and start a new life with a fresh perspective. You’re mature now, and you’ve got support from Life itself. Connect the dots and dream big. Don’t let anything or anyone belittle you.

You’re good enough and have the talent to excel in life. Push yourself a little, and you’ll come out of the comfort zone of your present actions.

You’re doing well in life. There are a few problems, but they’ll get solved as you advance in life. Trust the process of Life. Learn from it the way of living.

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