How Can Self-love Create Miracles In Your Life?

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” 

Rupi Kaur, Canadian Poet

When we genuinely love ourselves, we don’t fall into the trap of criticism, guilt, and fear. We accept our true nature and avoid being influenced by comments from other people.

With self-love comes the necessity to challenge the status quo of our lives, changing ourselves in positive ways. We welcome the knowledge and wisdom that can transform our life. We start thinking creatively and embrace new ideas.

Life is a slow journey. Our most cherished dreams take a long time to manifest themselves. We need a lot of courage and patience to pursue our goals, and unless we’ve a genuine love for ourselves, we can’t persevere in sticking to the path of our journey.

Every moment allows us to love ourselves unconditionally, laugh, and have fun. Our commitment to making ourselves feel good irrespective of outer circumstances fills the vacuum in our lives.

We’re open to receiving the cosmic love of the Universe in the form of little gifts. The Universe sends us all the good things we deserve when we’ve got a sense of self-worthiness and self-acceptance; that are the attributes of self-love in the purest form.

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