Just Smile & Say Thank You!

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.”

— Willie Nelson

The habit of the mind is to consume information. It’s like eating a lot of junk food. It’s unhealthy. Take a book and live it for a week. Follow one blog and practice what it’s preaching.

You don’t need a lot of garbage information. Focus on books and blogs that tell you about principles. Learn from the mistake of writers and develop a philosophy of your own.

Be willing to commit mistakes and correct them immediately. Live happily. Life is short. Even if you’re a world-class failure, still you’re special because you failed in your unique way.

Appreciate what you’ve got and be grateful for little things in your life. Don’t wait for someone to come and enlighten you. Seek your enlightenment in your unique way.

Don’t waste your time reading a hundred books and thousands of blogs. Just smile and say thank you! It’s more effective than tons of information intake with zero output.

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