Dreams can become a reality when we possess a vision characterized by the willingness to work hard, a desire for excellence, and a belief in our rights and responsibility to be equal members of society.

– Janet Jackson

Take a deep breath and exhale. Inhale and let the breath come out of your nostrils naturally. Witness the natural flow of the breath.

Forgive yourself for all the mistakes that you made and forget the past. You don’t need to feel guilty for anything. Let it go; all that makes you feel bad.

Observe the subtle sensations in your body and the fluctuation of random thoughts in your mind. Watch the movie of fear and desire running in your mind.

For a moment, stop and start recalling your memories of your childhood. Witness the explorer in you—the curious little child willing to take significant risks to experience life.

Try to understand the nature of this child and what she exactly wants from life?

What are her core drives?

What makes her feel good, and in what activities she naturally wants to get involved?

Whose company does she wish to enjoy, and who are the people from whom she runs away?

The more you understand your fears and desires, the more you’ll be able to take action toward your dreams and goals.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down the things you appreciate and the people you admire the most.

Now create a game plan for the future. Which person can help you achieve your dreams and goals?

Now, think about assisting that person in any way. How can you reduce her pain and suffering?

What problem does she have that you can solve with integrity?

From here, you’ll get a roadmap of the future. It’s the life worth living that we live for others empowering them to achieve their dreams and goals.

If you want to realize your dreams effortlessly and achieve your goals quickly, help others to recognize and fulfill theirs. This way, you’ll get what you wish most scientifically and naturally.

We’re interconnected. There is no meaning in individual dreams and goals unless we make others part of our ecosystem. Selfish thinking can’t give you anything worth admiring. You’ve to walk with people to claim the territory you want to love and share.

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