How To Turn Everyday Experiences Into A Beautiful Art?

With this intention comes the power to create, and you can make every day of life into a masterpiece of art.

We can wake up and grumble all day, be bitter and angry, judge others, and find satisfaction in others doing bad instead of good. Or we can wake up with optimism and love and say,

‘Just what is this beautiful day going to bring me?’

– Margaret Trudeau

Most of us live frustrated lives. We complain, criticize and condemn everyone and everything that happens during the day. We seek moments of beauty and perfection, but how can we witness them when our mind works against reality.

Filled with anxiety, wrath, and fear, we want to live a life of perfection. How is that possible when our minds are preoccupied with jealousy and hatred?

Our problem is that we think more and do less. We’re the only creature on this planet who lives in the past and future, leaving the most beautiful moments of the present.

To turn everyday experiences into beautiful art, please stop judging the day’s events. Make a promise to yourself “Today, I shall judge nothing that occurs. I’ll neither criticize nor condemn anything. I’ll complain about nothing.”

This simple affirmation is powerful because you’re accepting reality as it is here. With acceptance comes the ability to forgive whatever bad happened to us. We become free of past grudges. We start living in the present moment surrounding ourselves with the Eternal Now Moment.

When we’re in the present without past and future, we’re living with the reality of life. It’s neither beautiful nor ugly; it’s neutral. Now we’ve got the power to give meaning to the events that sequentially happen during the day.

We can give the most beautiful meaning to the life in front of us, or we can spoil our day thinking about all those things that didn’t happen according to us.

Remember always, life is answerable to no one. It has its flow. We’ve to learn to use the flow of energy within us in resonance with life to create a life of prosperity.

It’s possible to live every day without pain and struggle, but you’ve to accept yourself, everyone else, and things the way they’re. You’ve to learn to be in the present with the intent to be happy irrespective of circumstances.

With this intention comes the power to create, and you can make every day of life into a masterpiece of art.

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