Is That An Insult?

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.

Leo Tolstoy, War And Peace

Every achievement in life comes from experience, and to have that experience, we need to invest time in gaining that experience.

It’s hard to sit down with patience and do the work without wasting time.

We’ve 24*7 hours a week to spend on anything we desire to spend. We can keep scrolling Instagram and Facebook, chattering on Twitter, or watching videos on YouTube. No one is going to stop us.

We can chat with friends about our favorite gossip topics about current affairs or extramarital affairs. For hours we can keep on criticizing the government’s policies or praising the actress who broke the previous record of nudity.

We talk about others, make fun of others, and become fans of others. Always, it’s about others. We spend time copying the stars of the silver screen and dream of living the lifestyle of a rockstar.

We, the mango people, can’t do anything significant in our lives because of one weakness ~ we can be easily distracted by anyone and anything.

The media, the politicians, the porn industry, everyone knows that ~ they can distract us easily.

Her one message, and I’m distracted from my work. My girlfriend knows how to enslave me.

Is that her fault?

Listen, baby, we, the products of the 21st century, armed with digital devices and romantic fantasies, are the most dangerous species of this universe.

Our ancestors were known for destroying their fellow brothers and sisters, and we’ll be known for destroying ourselves.

We’re the biggest killers of time. Addicted to porn and social media, we’re losing one of the greatest strengths that we have ~ Patience.

Quick-relief, cheap entertainment, gossiping, you name it, and we’re ready to waste our time. We can’t wait. We’re in a hurry; we need instant gratification.

We don’t care what we’re losing ~ our values.

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