Is There A Genius In Me?

You're unique. There is a genius in you who's capable of performing great miracles. Can you love this genius?

“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about.”

– Rumi

You’re unique. There is a genius in you who’s capable of performing great miracles. Can you fall in love with this genius?

Appreciate him for little victories. Make her feel good with compliments and gifts. The more you make friends with him better she’ll produce the results for you.

Please let me describe him if you want to know about this genius.

She’s your inner creative artist. She has been tested on the timeline of history and found perfect. She’s sacred, and you must care about her.

She can’t be seen, touched, smelled, or heard but can be felt.

You can say that she’s a force of nature crafted by the atomic vibrations of this Universe to bring peace and abundance within you.

She’s a symbol of prosperity and success. You can create unique art with her help, given you have a heart capable of attracting her wish to love you.

Love her, and she’ll love you. Respect her, and she’ll respect you.

Please never let her feel lonely. She’s the only soulmate you ever craved for.

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